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Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

About the Blog
Rampant Ramblings is aptly named, as it refers to both my tendency to go on lengthy tirades about any issue at hand, as well as my general handling of life. I ramble from thing to thing as my interests lead me, and my attention span is rather short, if cyclical (meaning I come back around to the same issues often).

When I’m into something, I really get into it, researching exhaustively, googling continuously, beating the proverbial bushes until I’m suitably armed with the capability to talk about and share the knowledge gleaned.

This blog is what I call a “me-blog.” It doesn’t really focus on one particular issue, as such, but it does reflect my interests — touching on a wide range of topics. In other words, it doesn’t specialize in any one thing, and casts a rather wide net. Mostly I’ll talk about environmental and science-related things, but I could branch out into racing, comic books, or something completely random.

About the Author
A conservationist, writer, and adventurer at heart, I’m currently finishing my Master’s thesis for an M.S in journalism to complement my B.S. in wildlife and fisheries management. My greatest passions are Nature and wildlife conservation, renewable energy resources and sustainable living, rally and motorcycle road racing, history, art, learning, and my wife.

I was an intern and writer for Road Racer X magazine, and would like to write for conservation, environmental, or outdoors publications as a freelancer, working to disseminate scientific research and communicate environmental issues to the public.

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