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Gear Review! Teknic SMT gloves

January 8, 2009

After I bought my nice helmet, I began to feel like the rest of my body was totally naked when I rode my motorcycle, especially my hands. I could feel the wind flowing past them, and when I looked down, see the pavement doing the same thing. I thought, “Even If I have a little spill, I could permanently ruin my hands.” So I began the search for good gloves.

I said in a previous entry that we (motorcyclists) should wear the best gear that we can afford. However, that is easier said than done, especially when you are broke. The lure of a motorcycle is such that we save our money to buy one, but are not left with enough to purchase the correct gear. Then, once we have the bike, we must ride even if the risk to ourselves is huge. Not smart! I have been piecing together my kit since I bought my motorcycle in August, now all I need are some pants and riding boots.

I originally wanted some short gloves, supermoto-style. My reasoning was that they look better in a T-shirt. That is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I have yet to actually ride while wearing only a t-shirt, and now that I have a nice jacket, I probably never will. Before I came to that realization, I purchased the Teknic SMT gloves from the Motorcycle Superstore, on sale at a very reasonable price: 19.99 plus shipping.

They are nice gloves, with a large rubbery plastic protector on the top knuckles, and smaller ones of the same material for the digits. They are very breathable because of the thin material used on the between-the-finger area, and vents in the knuckle protector. A little chilly for days colder than 45 degrees or so. The back of the hand is well padded, and the leather and other materialgrippy.

My only major gripe is that I believe that these gloves were made for someone with “meat hands.” This is my own technical term for someone with thick, wide palms like beef-steaks, and fingers like sausages (short and fat). I am on the other end of the spectrum. Being 6’1” and about 155, I have fingers that are long and thin. My hands are big but not especially thick, and until buying these glove, I always thought my palms were large. I usually wear a large glove, so I followed the recommendations of previous buyers (“get one size larger”) and bought them in XL. I returned them the next day because the fingers were used on the palm are supple and way too short, and prevented movement. It’s too bad, because the body of the glove fit great. So, I got the XXL rather than trying another brand of glove and going through the whole ordeal again.

The XXLs were still a hair short in the fingers, but have since loosened up. The body of the glove is definitely a little too large, and I must use the hook-and-loop wrist strap to tighten them past the point where the loops are, and stick it to the material of the glove body.

So, overall I would rate these gloves great if you have fat hands and want a short glove. However, if you have long fingers, I would suggest looking at some other brand or model. If possible try before you buy. Even if you try in a shop and buy from the internet, know the product you are purchasing. There is nothing so infuriating than buying a pair of bargain gloves instead of the ones you wanted, only to spend the money saved on return shipping to get the right size.

I think I will always be on the search for that perfect glove, and be destined to only find it when I don’t have the money to afford a pair. Also, I am definitely looking for a gauntlet style glove now. Suggestions anyone?

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