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More FZR work…

December 10, 2008

Addendum to the FZR story. I followed up on what I said I would do. I have cut the rear fender by about an inch or two with my new Dremel, drilled a few holes in it for the license plate, and mounted the plate straight to the newly shortened fender. I used large rubber washers in between the plate and fender to avoid vibration and movement. The new design requires the plate to curve a little, but I like it.

The next thing I did was kind of crafty, but I must say that the idea was not original, I found it on the FZR archives.

I removed the rear long-stalk turn signals, and removed the stalks from the body of the blinker. Then I took the stalk to Lowe’s and found a bolt that matched the threading from the stalk, that way I could use the original nut and avoid any conflict with reinstalling the blinker-body. I took the two bolts to a machine shop down the road, and for 5$, had them lathe a hole through the center of each bolt. I attached the bolt directly to the blinker-body and the fender, thus replacing the stalk altogether and shortening each turn signal by over 1.5 inches. The combination of the fender chop and the shortened turn signals really tightened up the back end, and made the bike look a lot more sleek.

Other things I have done recently are:

Purchased and installed Flanders Canadian FZR flushmount turn signals. It was a super easy install, except that I discovered that as a result of a drop by the previous owner, one of my turn signals was hard wired to the harness (read: no easy disconnect). So I had to buy some connectors and rewire both the turn signal and the harness. No biggie, but it was a pain nonetheless (and as I was doing it, I kept thinking, “Shit, now I can’t return these!”). But the signals look great, and better than stock (though you wouldn’t know that they aren’t OEM, and neither will the state inspector).

I also purchased a few sets of knock off Yamaha tuning fork decals from Hong Kong (via eBay) that actually look just like the ones that come stock on the newer R6 and R1. I put one on each side of the gas tank, and you wouldn’t know they weren’t stock. Also, I purchased a raised metallic “Yamaha” decal for placement on the front of the fairing in the stock position, it also looks like OEM or better.
I will add pictures of these last things at some point, I just don’t have any right now, and the weather is to bad to take some.

Lastly, I have winterized my bike by filling it up with gas, adding Sta-bil fuel stabilizer, and running it for about ten minutes. I go out and start it every time the temp gets above 40 F outside, and run it till it warms up to clear the bugs out. Surprisingly, since I added the Sta-bil, the bike starts up on the first try even when it is cold as hell! It didn’t even do that from a cold-start during the summer. I highly recommend this product!
A Battery Tender Jr. is hopefully on the way as a Christmas present, but I haven’t had any battery problems so far.

I did get to take a brief ride yesterday. All I can say is, “I LOVE MY MOTORCYCLE!!!”

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